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HTML5 <menu> shiv/polyfill

HTML5 <menu> import

considering the following HTML $.contextMenu.fromMenu($('#html5menu')) will return a proper items object.

<menu id="html5menu" type="context" style="display:none">
  <command label="rotate" onclick="alert('rotate')">
  <command label="resize" onclick="alert('resize')">
  <menu label="share">
    <command label="twitter" onclick="alert('twitter')">
    <command label="facebook" onclick="alert('facebook')">

$.contextMenu.fromMenu() will properly import (and thus handle) the following elements. Everything else is imported as {type: "html"}

<command type="command|radio|checkbox"> (W3C Specification)
<menuitem type="command|radio|checkbox"> (Firefox)
<input type="text|radio|checkbox">
<label for="someId">
<label> the text <input|textarea|select>

The <menu> must be hidden but not removed, as all command events (clicks) are passed-thru to the original command element!

Note: While the specs note <option>s to be renderd as regular commands, $.contextMenu will render an actual <select>.

HTML5 <menu> shiv/polyfill

Engaging the HTML5 polyfill (ignoring $.contextMenu if context menus are available natively):


Engaging the HTML5 polyfill (ignoring browser native implementation):

    $.contextMenu("html5", true);