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Custom Command Types

Besides the built-in command types custom handlers can be defined. The command generator must be placed in $.contextMenu.types. It is identified by the key given in that object. The generator function is executed in the context of the new command's <li> within the menu. item is the object passed at creation. Use this to pass values from your definition to the generator. opt is the current menu level, root is the menu's root-level opt (relevant for sub-menus only).

A custom command type can be whatever you like it to be, it can behave how ever you want it to behave. Besides the keyboard interaction paradigm (up, down, tab, escape) key-events are passed on to the <li> which can be accessed via $(this).on('keydown', …);

Note that you'll probably want to disable default action handling (click, pressing enter) in favor of the custom command's behavior.

$.contextMenu.types.myType = function(item, opt, root) {
    $('<span>' + item.customName + '</span>').appendTo(this);
    this.on('contextmenu:focus', function(e) {
        // setup some awesome stuff
    }).on('contextmenu:blur', function(e) {
        // tear down whatever you did
    }).on('keydown', function(e) {
        // some funky key handling, maybe?
    selector: '.context-menu-custom', 
    items: {
        label: {type: "myType", customName: "Foo Bar"}