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Customize icons

You can add icons to src/icons and run gulp build-icons. This will make the icons available for use in the contextmenu using the icon property.

So for example the file checkmark.svg wil result in the CSS context-menu-icon-checkmark which you can use by using the icon option when defining a menu item.

Is is also possible to just use FontAwesome icons, see the demo of FontAwesome.


var items = {
    firstCommand: {        
        name: "Paste",
        icon: "checkmark" // Class context-menu-icon-checkmark is used on the menu item. This is generated from checkmark.svg

Font-Awesome icons used from encharm/Font-Awesome-SVG-PNG. You can download more there if you like.

Finally, you will need to re-build the CSS using sass, otherwise you may see mismatchings between the icon references. Use the command gulp css to re-build the CSS in the dist directory. The new CSS files will contain the icons you added.

Customize CSS

You can use the _variables.scss to adjust variables on pretty much everything you want to change.